Orderly wearing clean and neat clothes

http://fashioncheap.me – Orderly wearing clean and neat clothes – Humans need clothing (clothing) to meet the basic daily needs of life in addition to the need for shelter (board) and food (food). Clothing can give beauty, protection from disease, comfort, and so forth. Without clothes / clothes can lead to someone said crazy.

Some Ethics / Etiquette In Dressing:

1. Close the Body Parts

Today we encounter many girls and women who do not cover the genitals with his clothes, so it can bring stimulation to the men who see it. There are many choices of clothing that is covered and polite that can be used without reducing the beauty of women. The government should give a reprimand and punishment for those who spit his body.

2. In accordance with the purpose, situation and environmental conditions

If you want to use school wear school uniforms, not clothes for sleeping (pajamas), swimming, work, and others. If the temperature outside the house is very cold, use a thick jacket, not wear thin clothes.

3. Looks Neat, Clean, Healthy, and Size Pas

Clothes should be worn cleaned clothes, ironed neatly and if worn neither too big nor too small. Dirty clothes are a hotbed for us both ourselves and others around them.

4. Not Disturbing Others

Wear mediocre clothes do not interfere with the activity and comfort of others. For example using a woman’s dress with a tens of meters tails is not very appropriate if we use in places like on public buses.

5. Not Violate State Law and Religious Law

Before wearing clothes it is better to remember the first law in and outside the country. Avoid wearing clothing that is against the customs, cultural laws prevailing in that place. Where the earth is in tax, where the sky is in the junjung.

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